Heritage Style Black-Bulls
This line will be done because we simply like the color of black. We will however give a warning to anyone that looks to purchase one of these lines of dogs. Much controversy surrounds the 3 black lines of bulldogs. Well I guess save 1. NKC has a 7/8ths rule in which a breeder has the option of using a dog outside the AB gene pool in order to improve this very young breed. 1 Breeder used that 7/8ths rule and added a APBT openly. This is not the line our black dogs currently come from. The other 2 breeders claim other sources for their black that was injected into the breed way back decades ago just like John D. Johnson added West Champs High Hopes an English Bulldog. All 3 of these lines would at this point be accepted under the 7/8ths rule. So registration is not where the controversy lies. But rather whether the individuals were honest about how they came about the black. The line that our first black dog came from claims the origin of their black came from a dog named Azlan that is 8 generations back and supposed to be a Labrador/Olde mix. Alan Scott (considered one of the two fathers of the breed) had dogs that were black and white and registered as AB's back in the beginning of the breeds registration origins. However, we can not say that any of the current lines came out of those dogs. Now this is just from using pedigrees and pics shown of the dogs. And the common knowledge of black being dominant and therefore not capable of hiding for a generation and then reappearing. The truth behind any of the current lines will probably always remain completely hidden in the minds of the breeders that made them popular.
 Alan Scott in an interview said they wrote the original standard to tell what they thought the dogs should look like. Now this is just my opinion (Chad Dunn) But I believe with a  5" gap in sizes they wrote it to fit the dogs they had. Also again just my deduction from reading interviews where it was stated that they picked up dogs from in the mountains, and bought them off of porches, etc. I believe the American Bulldog is nothing but the registering of the old catch dogs that were created in the south. Many of these were what is commonly called English bulldog mixed with everything from Great Dane and St. Bernard to the same dogs that today are known as APBT.  Whatever the case one thing is for sure. They were not setting here when we came over on the Mayflower. LOL   And to think that they fed and kept a dog alive on those first ships that came over for the first 200 hundred years is almost a ludicrous proposal. Most of the ships early lost more people than what survived. So unless someone can show me where some king or rich blue blood decreed a ship for dogs specifically many of the dogs that came here would have arrived after the old true bulldogs were extinct.  And even if they did come over the price they would have sold for would have gone way beyond some country boys life savings from the south. Again the truth with all of this will be a persons choice of what to believe and the reality is there is no proof of lineage. If you google "Alan Scott and Casey Couturier interview" you will come across an interview. Now Alan in this interview declares he never added any terrier. And I believe he himself did not. Nor am I in any way saying the man is lying or lack any respect for him and what he has done and the role he has played.  However, he says he used Mac the Masher to everything. When you look at Mac he looks straight up Colby Pit. They had no lineage on Mac. So what was he?  Well he was the same thing all the dogs they used were. "A Bulldog" Why? What made him a Bulldog?  Because he was used like bulldogs have always been used. By this I mean he handled ornery livestock. But his true lineage only rest with the man that produced him. And fact is he may not have known a lot about his parents other than they worked or maybe he knew back to great grandparents. The thing I am trying to say is that there is always a starting point.  And the reality of the history even before it came across; or as I believe was reinvented in the Americas. And Bulldogs were always a hired mercenary. They were never a dog that had a lot of perfectly kept records. But any good dog man can see and detect traits of a breed that has been set and reproduces itself. And since the definition of a breed is its ability to reproduce itself and be recognizable you could make an argument that the American Bulldog is not a breed at all. So much to consider in all the arguments and so called expert opinions.  Many today will argue that the record keeping has ruined the bulldog. They have a valid argument in many ways.  Hybrid Vigor is a good thing and this breed is full of it. So however you feel about it; there is what in my opinion is the reality of it all. 

In true HSB fashion we will be as straight forward with these dogs and their background/heritage as possible. Plain and simple for us we like the black. We think that it is beautiful. So if you are like us and view the black as beautiful; then maybe we can help you to own one.  We believe no matter the color we can make a quality, healthy, bulldog.  We will not make exceptions in the health or quality to make the color. We will keep the same stringent practices to use dogs with good health and character to make our black line. We will strive to keep our dogs pied and not solid black; as this has has always been frowned upon for our breed. 

So join us in our journey to make a black bulldog that has a look that HSB will be proud to put our name on the pedigree. 

It might be noted that flat black is not like our dog Stiletto. Some have asked how is there any difference.  Brindle can be sealed shut to be viewed as black. However it will throw the brindle stripes. Flat black does not include any striping whatsoever. 

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HSB Macho is currently our only source of black.  We produced Macho and kept breeding rights to him.  But he is in Baltimore and we are at the mercy of the owner following through to get the semen here.  Or I will have to take my female up there.  So at this point in time I am not sure when our next black dogs will be produced.  We may also be considering a dog down from Alan Scott's lines in the future.